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A.R.T. LOGISTICS has been founded in 2005.

Project logistics and Freight Forwarding in Eurasia are our major areas of expertise.
We’re also increasing our involvement in Groupage Service from Europe & Asia within Eurasia. Covering now LTL from EU & Asia to Kazakhstan and Mongolia, providing scheduled LCL service and for SILK ROAD we keep to develop more Groupage lines, LTL trucking, LCL cargo, intermodal container and implement e-tools which will allow our clients stay informed about their shipments 24/7.


Head office of A.R.T. LOGISTICS is located in Hong Kong. Operations network spreads throughout Eurasian continent covering major trade and logistics hubs. Transportation through Silk Road takes special place in the strategy of the company.

A well-trained team of international logistics professionals became the key to our success. A.R.T. LOGISTICS keeps growing steadily and continues to introduce new innovative solutions, which help our clients achieve their goals.

We understand interests of our clients, partners, colleagues and society.
We make business lean and effective
We design and implement most efficient solutions


Would you like to work and develop in a young and ambitious international professional team? 
Would you like to become an important part of our Winning Culture? 
Would you like to take on a lot of interesting challenges and projects?


Our PASSION FOR INNOVATIONS creates real value for our customers.

We act with an OPENNESS and RESPECT to our customers, partners, colleagues and society.

Our PROACTIVITY helps us deliver best solutions in our daily work.

We want to work with a great EFFECTIVENESS and the best in everything we do.

We strive to become a Preferable Logistics Partner for people and businesses in our industry through 
outstanding TEAM WORK. 
We are ONE A.R.T. TEAM! Join us today.

Менеджер по продажам логистических услуг


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      What our collegues think about our company:

Good day or night to everyone! No matter from which part of the world you are reading me. I am glade you are here.

Have you seen the subject of the topic, “A.R.T.Logistics” ?:) From the name you can guess, it’s gonna be about logistics. And YES, you are right, that’s BINGO!  A.R.T. Logistics is a freight forwarding international company across Eurasia.

Do you know who we are and where we come from?

Maybe yes, maybe not J  Well, I agree there are plenty and you will not be able to know each of us on the market. Even me, working in the industry for the last five years, I know only big giants.

Therefore, it will be my pleasure to introduce us to you my friend and partners. Begin from 2005 when the company was born.  A.R.T. Logistics takes roots from Almaty, Kazakhstan afterward we have expanded in Europe, China, Central Asia, etc.. The company is young, dynamic, innovative, WE know what we do! 

LTL trucking, LCL cargo, intermodal container shipping are services, we have really great experience. 

Only someone who is coming from this part of the world can tell how logistics work in CIS and we are one of them. 

I do not want to boast of, the purpose of this article is to let you know where to go and who to ask for an advice.

Do we talk about a small volume of cargo for groupage or one full truck or container? Yes, we can do ALL! You will ask: “How about a big massive tubes or equipment whatever, something that is Out of Gauche (OOG)?” Sure, it is one of the favorite staff J.

For the last 10 years, we have done so many things and had different stories that we will want to share with you, but you will be able to read it in the next article.

Okay, okay J I will slightly open a curtain and tell more about us. We are not big, we are not small, we are medium size company with the name that was built by A.R.T. Logistics’ family. Value of the company is people who work and do their job every day. We do not take it as duties and responsibilities or daily routine; we enjoy and love things that we do.

Where do we go and what are we aiming for…. of course there’s no doubt to have more client and business, but this is not our preference – providing a high quality service on the same level with big known companies.  Moreover, we are not competitors with them, we are partners! Some of them buy service from us or we exchange and help each other. 

Our people are very knowledgeable and have faced different situations due to their work experience, they are wide and open-minded. Our logistics managers will offer few ways and routes even if you do not ask, as they might see other one and know a solution already.

We are experts in LCL trucking, LCL cargo transportation, intermodal container shipping - is one of our services. 

However, all of us know, without good leadership the company does not be successful. Our management team invest in Hi-technology, in people by sending them for certified courses, attending seminars and exhibitions that related to the industry. They support and encourage people to innovate and simplify the workflow.

I think after reading all of that above you will want to join our A.R.T. FAMILY and we will be glade to welcome you as partner or a team member! Or at least you follow the link and visit our web-site to see who we are and how to contact US J, believe we will not disappoint you.

Our objective is to make your daily routine as simple as buying movie tickets in the internet. We are leaving in 21st century where everything is reachable from mobile devise or computer. We offer you E-logistics with a high quality guaranteed service.

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