A.R.T. Logistics received the status "Leader in the Industry"

October 01, 2016

           Company A.R.T. Logistics, one of the leaders in the field of logistics solutions and services, has been recognized at the national level in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the category "growth rate."

          The company took the "Gold" among the enterprises of Almaty and "Silver" throughout the Republic. As a result, the company entered the list of the best companies in the country and received the status of "Leader in the Industry". We congratulate our colleagues with well-deserved awards and wish them good luck and prosperity in the future.

E-Logistics starts in Asia and Mongolia!

July 30, 2016

or your convenience and for easier access of logistics services A.R.T. Logistics now offers a new tool for the fast calculation of prices- the Online-Calculator!
We try to keep up with the newest trends and innovations that can help to make service for you faster and easier.

As you may already know, shipments from Asia to Mongolia is one of our main logistics channels. A.R.T. Logistics is connected to the biggest transporters and best logistics agents in the world, which allows A.R.T. Logistics to deliver your cargo to Mongolia professionally and securely. We take all the responsibilities of the complexity of the organization of transporting your cargo, starting from purchasing of the goods and finishing with the delivery of the goods to the final destination, this will allow you to concentrate on your main area of work and not worry about all the details that the transportation process includes.
For all the reasons mentioned, we developed an online-calculator that allows you to calculate the costs of the transportation of your cargo. To use this option follow the link: http://www.art-businessgroup.com/calculator

In order to make an accurate calculation you need to input following information into the online calculator:
Cargo origin
Cargo destination
Cargo dimensions
Cargo weight
Quantity of the cargo
After inputting all the information, you will receive estimated price for your transportation, it is also an option to receive this information through your email.
If you have any questions concerning the price of the transportation, as the online-calculator cannot take into consideration all the details of the transportation, you can always contact specialists from our company who will provide you with calculations that are more accurate.

A.R.T. Logistics cooperation with Zhengzhou -Hamburg railway line

July 30, 2016

          We have come up with something interesting-a video that has already been seen by millions of people in China!
          The largest transport companies in Europe have been actively using the opportunities provided by the route Zhengzhou - Hamburg. Two days ago, representatives of A.R.T. Logistics in particular, Managing Director of the German branch of Mr. Daniel Jaguljnjak, discussed the prospects of cooperation of Zhengzhou -Hamburg railway line.

       "We are convinced that this partnership gives us a new perspective. Zhengzhou is a rapidly developing industrial city, trading with Europe and growing from year to year.

        Thanks to the initiative of "One belt one road" and the opening line of the Zhengzhou-Hamburg, interaction between China and Germany could be close and effective," says Mr. Jagulnjak in an interview.
        Mr. Kang Yang, comments: "A.R.T. Logistics is one of the best transport companies throughout Eurasia. Their network covers Central Asia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, South-East Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe. We hope that the potential for cooperation with Europe, especially with Germany will be implemented ".
       It is important to know that direct rail freight route to Zhengzhou-Hamburg, was opened in July of the year 2013.Trains from the capital city of Henan province travel to Germany via Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland. More than 10 thousand kilometers is overcome by 11 to 15 days on 20 days faster than the supply of goods on maritime lines.

        Transport costs on this line at 80% lower than during the carriage by air. In August, trains ran 3 times a week. In January the number of trips is reached 200 per year. New cargo route became a strong incentive for foreign trade in Henan province. In the first three quarters of last year, the region's foreign trade turnover increased by 21 percent to 47 billion dollars. In Zhengzhou also planned to open a new freight line in the direction of Turkey, Luxembourg and the countries of Central Asia.

To view the video, please click on the link below. 


CLC Projects Lisbon Conference 2016

June 05, 2016

CLC Projects 9th global project freight forwarding conference was held in Lisbon on 21 & 22 May, 2016. 75 members participated representing 60 companies.
We also visited this gerat event as a chance to make new contacts at the market of transport services.
Daniel Jaguljnjak, our colleague, attended the well-known Breakbulk exhibition in Antwerp.
The event is an excellent tool to involve new customers and increase sales. We were happy to contact with a large number of representatives of cargo owners, transport and shipping companies.

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